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Model: B45
LED lighting Lightweight High quality Battery operated..
0.750KWD 1.500KWD
Model: C70
To maintain the small things of not falling into a cramped areaEasy to install and access to anythingmeasurement9X33 cm..
0.495KWD 2.000KWD
Model: C1
A box for arranging and storing perfumes, accessories and creamsFor rooms and bathroomsType: plasticColor: Beige - The shelf is variable upon requestMeasurement: attached image..
0.690KWD 1.500KWD
Model: A135
To store and arrange cosmetics and makeupThere are shelves and hanging your needsTransparent coverVersatile..
4.690KWD 15.000KWD
Model: MM
Car cup holder - MM -  Multifunctional: The product can be placed in the drink cup to prevent swinging out greatly. Easy to install and affordable to use       This product is suitable for all kinds of car interior use.   &..
0.900KWD 3.000KWD
Model: kn11
New and innovative car table, this great product is designed to make your car trips more enjoyable. Thanks to its distinctive shape, it is easy to use, whether it is for eating, writing, or just resting your hands. The car table is ideal for anyone as it is lightweight and will not take up much spac..
0.990KWD 2.000KWD
Model: S(50-51)
card wallet There is an aluminum template for storing, maintaining and extracting cards with ease in an orderly manner, as well as saving money and papers, small in size and large in interest. Available in black and dark brown..
2.900KWD 5.000KWD
Model: MK3-D55
Stylish and distinctive hanging incense burnerFor all kinds of incenseThe light comes out to the topHeavy comes outUsed for home and office decorNote: There is a special tin gift with the evaporator to put charcoal on it, and it is a thermal insulator..
5.900KWD 12.000KWD
Model: ww
A makeup bag to put your toolsCream bag suitable for travelHelps collect your needs and make them easy to accessQuick opening and closing that is easy for you to use at home, in the car and on tripsKeep your tools from getting lostSize 52 cm..
1.490KWD 4.000KWD
Model: C105
Cleaning brush, the perfect tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas quickly and easily. Our cleaning brush is specially designed to be suitable for air conditioning vents and tight spaces. Its small size makes it easy to maneuver and its great efficiency makes it an invaluable tool for any cleaning j..
0.490KWD 1.000KWD
Model: D65
2 in 1 hangerUsed as a regular clothes hangerIt is also used from the bottom to hang clothes that are not fixed on a regular hangerNote: Random color..
0.690KWD 1.000KWD
Model: B
Folding Car Dining Table - The perfect solution for car dining on the go! The foldable car dining table is an innovative product that can be used as a table for food and drinks in the car when moving and traveling.Made of a lightweight yet durable material, this foldable car dining table is designed..
0.790KWD 3.000KWD
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