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Model: B45
LED lighting Lightweight High quality Battery operated..
0.750KWD 1.500KWD
Model: SS
A mask filter protects 95 percent of viruses and filters the air   5 layers..
0.050KWD 0.190KWD
Model: S9
Protects the ear from gasket rubber For more comfort  Flexible ruble The color is transparent..
0.190KWD 0.750KWD
Model: S71
coffee shapesPlastic (safe) for drawing on coffeeAn easy and smooth way to draw on coffee foamTemplates ready to useEasy to clean(16 different models)..
0.690KWD 1.500KWD
Model: SS
18 in 1 screwdriver - CC -  - Multitool 18 in 1 Unique Snowflake Shaped Design The unique snowflake shape allows us to combine functionality and design in multiple pocket tools. It will not only help you solve a variety of unexpected problems at any..
0.690KWD 1.500KWD
Model: SS
Flexible hanger that can be placed on the wall of the closet or under the top shelfThe new 360-degree rotatable hook comes with a patch and can be installed without drillingThe design is simple, elegant, versatile, and loaded. After storing it in the kitchenIt can be rotated freely in 360 degrees, w..
Model: 99D
3D decorative stickersWaterproof faceBack self-adhesiveHome and office decorDecorative look and feelA suitable model is also availablemeasurementsStoneware 30*30Square 30*30Hexagonal squares 28*28Decor, decorations, home design, decorative adhesive, stickers, wallpaper..
Model: SS
strong ropeEasy to connect and installVersatileLength 5 metersAvailable in colors..
0.490KWD 1.000KWD
Model: S75
Multicolored penDry ink 6 different colors..
0.295KWD 1.500KWD
Model: CC
A fabric mask Washable fabric mask 4 layers Note: The color tone may vary slightly due to the photo light..
Model: C70
To maintain the small things of not falling into a cramped areaEasy to install and access to anythingmeasurement9X33 cm..
0.495KWD 2.000KWD
Model: S76
Screw nail adhesive, no holes for wallsHeavy Duty: Solid, reliable, water and oil proof, heavy duty can withstand high gravity bearing, great bearing up to 3kg.Practical: Great for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and accessories installation.Easy to install: just remove the cover, the surfac..
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