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Model: B100
toilet paper holderElegant and distinctive shapeAdditional bathroom decorCan be placed on the floor or hung on the wallNote: The anthropomorphic is without eyesType: Iron painted black..
3.900KWD 9.000KWD
Model: M
Stand panels Natural woodHeight 175cm..
Model: MB
 Table for the bed and sofaHeight adjustable to fit the bedside table for your convenience. Equipped with 4 swivel casters, it is easy to move around in all directions. The table is strong and durable that will stand up to years of use. The table top is smooth and easy to clean with a damp clot..
8.900KWD 16.000KWD
Model: S71
coffee shapesPlastic (safe) for drawing on coffeeAn easy and smooth way to draw on coffee foamTemplates ready to useEasy to clean(16 different models)..
0.690KWD 1.500KWD
Model: i
munazim shant alsafar walmalabis wahtiajat alsafar waltakhzin6 qutie biqiasat mutakhalifat tansab aihtiajatukummuqasamat shant alsafar hi alhalu alamithal fi tartib haqayib alsafarmajmueat haqibat alsafar litakhzin 6 qataealqiasat likuli qitea11*40*3011*31*2711*29*2033*2527*2225*15mulahazat : qad yu..
1.890KWD 4.000KWD
Model: SS
Flexible hanger that can be placed on the wall of the closet or under the top shelfThe new 360-degree rotatable hook comes with a patch and can be installed without drillingThe design is simple, elegant, versatile, and loaded. After storing it in the kitchenIt can be rotated freely in 360 degrees, w..
Model: 99D
3D decorative stickersWaterproof faceBack self-adhesiveHome and office decorDecorative look and feelA suitable model is also availablemeasurementsStoneware 30*30Square 30*30Hexagonal squares 28*28Decor, decorations, home design, decorative adhesive, stickers, wallpaper..
Model: SS
strong ropeEasy to connect and installVersatileLength 5 metersAvailable in colors..
0.490KWD 1.000KWD
Model: KN13
Our stylish and modern apron offers you the perfect performance in the kitchen. It is perfect for cooking, baking, and any other kitchen activity that requires protection from stains and dirt. This apron is carefully designed to fit all body sizes and provide all-day comfort.Product features:Modern ..
1.900KWD 4.000KWD
Model: S76
Screw nail adhesive, no holes for wallsHeavy Duty: Solid, reliable, water and oil proof, heavy duty can withstand high gravity bearing, great bearing up to 3kg.Practical: Great for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and accessories installation.Easy to install: just remove the cover, the surfac..
Model: SS
Shelf stick adhesive is useful for home and office useSay goodbye to screws and holesShelves stand is an easy, fast and inexpensive solutionIt is available for sale by the piece, and there is also an offer and a discount for 4 tabletsmeasurement5.6*5.6..
Model: MB
Air suction and pressure storage bags for clothes and beddingthe description:The perfect solution for easy storage and space saving by compressing clothesOne bag is enough to store many thingsCompression bags for storing clothes work to exploit the spaces where the clothes are compressed to 75% less..
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