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Medical and personal care

Model: SS
A mask filter protects 95 percent of viruses and filters the air   5 layers..
Model: S9
Protects the ear from gasket rubber For more comfort  Flexible ruble The color is transparent..
0.190KWD 0.750KWD
Model: CC
A fabric mask Washable fabric mask 4 layers Note: The color tone may vary slightly due to the photo light..
Model: WW
Spine Corrector Belt & CorsetIt supports and helps the spine to the correct positionTraining the muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment, 2 support panels are located along the axis of the back spine to support the lower back in the correct position, helps to correct your posture ..
3.900KWD 6.000KWD
Model: S13
Elastic plastic for mask - S13 -  Plastic for belt masks suitable for all, especially veiled Available color Matte transparent..
0.490KWD 1.000KWD
Model: S91
Introducing the Eye Cover, the revolutionary product that revolutionized the way you sleep This soothing and relaxing sleep mask is perfect for anyone looking to get away from light distractions. With its contoured style that fits perfectly on your face, the eye hood ensures a comfortable fit a..
0.690KWD 1.500KWD
Model: S4
To protect against air pollutants and many viruses, high protection 5 layers high quality filter Extra protection fabric mask + 3pcs filter..
Model: S1
Medical foam sponge for foot comfort Multiple measurements It is possible to cut according to the required size 2 pieces together..
0.750KWD 1.000KWD
Model: K74
Helps to relax Stimulates hair growth Stimulates blood circulationHeadache Relief Massaging the scalp helps relieve tension headaches. To get rid of this type of headache, you should massage the area of ​​the base of the skull near the hairline; As tension builds up in this area, a forehea..
0.495KWD 2.000KWD
Model: S84
Inflatable pool for the elderly and the sick - W6 -  Head wash basin for the elderly, sick and disabled for a whileComfortable for neck and headThere is a shaft and a water outlet at the bottom..
3.900KWD 9.000KWD
Model: C181
an introduction: Name: KN95 Material: heat insulation cotton non-woven fabric White color Size: 10.5 x 14.5cm  the details: * Maintains heat and is water-resistant * Soft fabric and comfortable to wear * PM 2.5 filtration with efficiency rate up to 95%Obtained..
Model: SS
Corsets for men to tighten the belly areaPlease check the measurementsMeasurements are small..
3.900KWD 8.000KWD
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