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Model: B45
LED lighting Lightweight High quality Battery operated..
0.750KWD 1.500KWD
Model: B46
LED lighting Battery operated On the back there is an adhesive mount and magnet..
1.250KWD 2.000KWD
Model: B49
LED lighting Battery operated Multiple use..
0.900KWD 1.500KWD
Model: S33-32
LED lighting    five meters battery-operated, it is possible to form and make artistic works in it and lamp, foldable..
0.990KWD 2.000KWD
Model: B48
LED lighting Very strong lighting Battery operated There is lighting control There is adhesive on the back..
1.250KWD 2.000KWD
Model: B47
Battery operated sensor lighting suitable for home, entry doors and bedrooms when you wake up at night..
1.900KWD 3.000KWD
Model: S69
 Lighting to clear the desired area suitable for all ages Especially for the elderly..
0.990KWD 1.500KWD
Model: C96
detect forged money and Scorpio Ultraviolet searchlight. Works. Dry batteries. AAA Perfect for travel and camping.   Other uses for it Used to detect forged banknotes or cards (Status Card - Visa, MasterCard and many others) or gems Used to detect insects And ..
4.900KWD 8.000KWD
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